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Animal tests are analyzes that examine the DNA of your pet, dog or cat to provide information on its health, genetic heritage, breed, or even its geographical origin.


These tests can help pet owners better understand their animal's needs, genetic predispositions to certain diseases, or even the origin of their family.

DNA testing for animals is usually done by taking saliva, blood or hair, and the results can take several weeks to be obtained.

It is important to note that these tests have limitations and the results should not be taken as a definitive medical recommendation.

dog allergy test

Canine allergy test

The dog allergy test is an examination that can determine the specific allergens that trigger an allergic reaction in a dog.


This test can be performed using methods such as skin tests or blood tests, which measure levels of allergen-specific antibodies.

The test results can help dog owners identify allergens to avoid or reduce in their pet's environment.

dog breed test

Dog breed test

The dog crossbreed test is a test that determines a dog's genetic makeup from a saliva or blood sample.


This test can be used to identify the breeds that make up a dog's genetic makeup, including mixed dog breeds.


The test results can help dog owners better understand their pet's genetic needs and predispositions, as well as the behavioral traits associated with different breeds.

animal test
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