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General Sales Conditions

Please carefully read these general sales conditions before accessing your order tracking and receiving your results. By accepting the payment or requesting information about the tracking of our service, you agree to be bound by these general sales conditions.

If you do not accept all the general sales conditions of this agreement, you cannot access your results or use services. If these terms of use are considered an offer, acceptance is expressly limited to these general sales conditions.


The "Company" is Infotest DNA. The "Client" is an individual, a company, a legal entity, or an independent entity ordering a Service.


The "Service" is one or more DNA test(s) from the Company or genetic test(s) advertised by the Company.

1. Information about the Analyses

1.1. Description of Genetic Analyses: offers a variety of DNA tests for various purposes, such as genealogy tests, health and wellness tests, paternity tests, etc. Descriptions of the genetic analyses available on our website are provided for informational purposes and may be subject to updates or modifications.


1.2. Use of Results: DNA test results are provided for informational purposes only and should not be considered a medical diagnosis or professional medical advice. You agree to consult a qualified healthcare professional for any interpretation or decision based on DNA test results. Therefore, it is the Client's responsibility to decide if the Service offered by the Company is appropriate for their particular use.


1.3. Genetic Laboratory: Genetic analyses will be conducted by the accredited laboratory Endeavor DNA Laboratories in the United States according to ISO 17025 and AABB standards.


2. Purchase Process


2.1. Order: To place a genetic analysis order with the Company, the Client must submit genetic samples from the participants and provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. The Client agrees that the information provided during the order and on the consent forms will be used to process the purchase and conduct genetic analysis.


2.2. Prices and Payment: DNA test prices are indicated in euros and are not subject to applicable VAT. The Client agrees to pay the total price indicated during the order, including shipping costs if necessary and any additional fees based on the Client's request. Payments must be made through the specified payment methods during the information request. The Company offers an online payment service through Stripe, and the Client is responsible for the fees incurred during the transaction. Analyses will begin only after payment is received.


2.3. Order Confirmation: The Company will ask the Client to complete the order with payment once the sample receipt is confirmed by email. The Client is responsible for providing a valid email address to receive sample delivery and result notifications. After placing the order, the Client will receive an order confirmation by email, summarizing the purchase details. The Client must carefully check the provided information and contact the Company immediately in case of errors or inconsistencies.


2.4. DNA Kit: The Company does not send any kits. It is the Client's responsibility to create their own genetic kit following the instructions provided in the confirmation email. The Company cannot be held responsible for delays or damages caused by the delivery service. It is the Client's responsibility to take necessary precautions for sample shipment. If samples arrive damaged, it is the Client's responsibility to arrange for the resend of the samples.


2.5. Following Instructions: The Client commits to follow the instructions provided by the Company to perform a genetic analysis. Materials or samples must be compliant, and the Client must complete all documents requested by the Company fully, accurately, and legibly. Failure to comply with this instruction may result in a service delay or inaccuracies in test results. In such circumstances, the Company will not be responsible for such delay or inaccuracy. The Company will have no further liability, and no refund will be due.


3. Samples and Results


3.1. Sample Collection: The confirmation email will include detailed instructions on sample collection, along with necessary tools participants need to create "your own kit." The Client agrees to follow the provided instructions and collect samples according to the indicated procedures. The Client is responsible for providing the samples requested in the instructions; failure to comply may result in a service delay or inaccuracies in the results. No other type of sample will be accepted and will be automatically destroyed.


3.2. Sending and Returning Samples: Once the samples are collected, the Client must send them to our address. Sample shipping costs are not included in the order. The Company does not return samples after analysis. The return of samples, whether before or after analysis, will be at the expense of the Client and by request only. The request for sample return must be made before receiving the results.


3.4. Processing Times: Processing times for sample analysis and result generation may vary depending on the type of DNA test. The analysis time mentioned during the order is an estimate and does not bind the laboratory to meet these deadlines. The laboratory will strive to meet the announced deadlines, but the Company cannot guarantee the delivery date of results due to various factors, such as sample quality, laboratory workload, or transport issues. The Company will make an effort to provide an update if complications prevent the Client from receiving results within the expected timeframe. Processing times are calculated from the receipt of samples at the laboratory. The Client must consider that the transport of samples to the laboratory is not taken into account in this calculation.


3.5. Resampling: If the samples provided by the Client do not produce a DNA profile due to insufficient or degraded DNA, or contaminated samples, resampling fees will apply. In this case, the Client must resend new samples to continue the test. The Company cannot offer a refund if the Client chooses not to continue the tests or resend new samples within 90 days of the initial analysis.


Resampling Fee: €30.00 EUR or equivalent currency at the time of the transaction.


3.6. Result Delivery: The analysis results provided by the Company will be sent by email to the Client and to any tested person who has provided their email address on the consent forms. No paper copies of the results will be sent by mail.


3.7. Non-conclusive Result: The Client understands and accepts that the Company cannot guarantee conclusive results for paternity DNA tests. Depending on the genes of the participants, it is impossible to predict the result of the analysis until it is completed. In this case, the Company cannot offer a refund if Clients receive a non-conclusive result.


4. Consent and Responsibility


4.1. Participants' Consent: It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that the tested individuals consent to the use of their DNA in genetic analysis. The Client is responsible for ensuring that participants are aware of the need for confidentiality and that they should not disclose the contents of the report to anyone other than those authorized by the participants. The Client guarantees that they have the right to provide the Company with all information and data and must indemnify the Company against any claims for information or data violation, breach of confidentiality, or non-compliance with data protection laws.


4.2. Damages Incurred: The Company will not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the Client or any other person following the disclosure of test results to participants or any other authorized person unless the Company has been negligent. The Client understands that there is a possibility of error, delay, or omission in the test procedure. Therefore, the Client acknowledges and agrees that in the event the Client could establish a claim for damages resulting from any act of the Company (within 30 days of sending the report - by email), negligence, or otherwise, the Company's liability will not exceed the cost paid for the test, and the Client accepts that the Company is exempt from any other claims or damages.


4.3. Company's Liability: The Company cannot be held responsible for any failure or delay in the performance of its analysis services due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to force majeure, flood, drought, storm, war, industrial action, strike, lock-out, equipment failure, system failure, or access failure, fire, explosion, terrorism, sabotage, or any other event beyond its control.


5. Legal


5.1. Order Refusal: The Company reserves the right to refuse to offer its services if it has reasonable grounds to believe that biological samples have been or will be obtained illegally, or that the results will be used for illegal, inappropriate, or unethical purposes, or if there is a conflict of interest with an existing client, or if the quality of the Company's services could be compromised, or if it has other reasonable reasons to do so.


5.2. Law and Jurisdiction: The Client may not use the Services or accept these general sales conditions if it is considered illegal to receive the Services under the laws of the jurisdiction in which the Client resides or from which the Client uses the Services. The Company cannot be held responsible for not having verified and confirmed the Client's eligibility. The Client agrees to indemnify the Company against all claims, expenses, and losses or damages suffered by the Company due to the Client transmitting samples to the Company that have not been legally obtained. The contract between the Company and the Client, as demonstrated by these general sales conditions, is subject to European laws and courts, which will have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any claims or disputes arising from the contract.


5.3. Legal Advice: The Client is responsible for obtaining the necessary legal advice to ensure that they have the right to own and obtain the biological samples transmitted to the Company for analysis. The Client should only enter into a contract with the Company if they are willing to be bound by these general sales conditions.


6. Cancellation & Refund


6.1. Following Instructions: Failure to follow instructions may result in a service delay, limitation of the Client's rights, or inaccuracies in test results. In such circumstances, the Company will not be responsible for such delay, refusal, or inaccuracy. No refund will be due in this case.


6.2. Cancellation Request: The Client can cancel their order and request a full refund if the analyses have not yet started. However, the Company does not offer any refund if the analyses have already started or if the results have been delivered. Any cancellation or refund request must be made by email to and must include the client code to be processed as soon as possible.


7. Confidentiality and Data Protection


7.1. Sample Confidentiality: Samples are processed anonymously and securely, exclusively by Endeavor DNA Laboratories. Your samples will be used only for the ordered analysis and the consent provided by the Client. Samples will not be shared with third parties without prior consent. The Client has the right to withdraw consent at any time during the provision of the Service by contacting the Company by email: A fee of €80.00 will apply or equivalent currency at the time of the transaction.


7.2. Personal Data Protection: We collect and process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy to provide you with the requested service. No other use of the data will be made. The Company does not disclose personal data for marketing promotions. Data is not transmitted or transferred to third parties. The Client acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms of the Privacy Policy.


7.3. GDPR Law: Under data protection law, the Company will only obtain, use, process, and disclose personal information of the Client that enables it to fulfill its responsibilities in providing the contracted Service and for other similar purposes, such as updating client records, statutory statement analysis, crime prevention, and compliance with laws and regulations. The Client has the right to a copy of the personal data held about them by the Company, and this data can be obtained free of charge.


7.4. Data Retention and Destruction: Data is kept for a period of two years and then automatically destroyed. No information, communication, or result will be retained after this period. The Client exclusively can request the deletion of all data and results free of charge. Data deletion upon request is carried out within 30 days of the date of the request.


June 2023

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