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DDC - DNA Diagnostics Center

DDC - DNA Diagnostics Center is simply the largest laboratory offering DNA testing globally. Each year, nearly one million samples are analyzed for government agencies, health professionals, legal professionals and for individuals.

DDC is a world leader in the development and innovation of DNA analysis techniques and services around genetics. The laboratory is made up of scientists, technicians and genetic experts who are always pushing the limits of technology and knowledge concerning the human genome. Their experience, over the years, ensures a highly qualified laboratory team and unparalleled expertise in relational and identity DNA testing.


The DDC - Diagnostics Center laboratory was founded in 1995 in the United States  on the belief in using and improving advances in DNA testing technology to make services accessible and affordable for everyone. Today the company has one of the largest DNA sample collection networks around the world as well as reseller partners in more than 100 countries who offer the services of this huge laboratory.

Naturally DDC is one of the largest and most accredited genetic testing laboratories in the world. Its size allows it to invest massively in the research and development of genetic and scientific equipment to offer increasingly precise tests in order to continue its mission which is to help people uncover the truth and find answers through expertise in DNA testing and other personal diagnostics.

The quality of this company's services now allows hospitals, clinics, law enforcement agencies, as well as consumers around the world to have access to high quality DNA tests and trust.

Prices for DNA Testing at DDC

The DDC laboratory will allow you to do DNA relationship tests with your family members in order to shed light on the biological filiation link.But be careful, no order can be made on the laboratory's website. You must contact customer service to know the procedure for your test and the outcome of your order.

No option for genetic analysis is offered online.

DDC - DNA Diagnostics Center is a trusted laboratory that uses very high quality analytical methods based  on proven technical knowledge.

DDC was the first lab to require every DNA test to be done twice- by independent teams - as additional security to the analysis of the filiation link.  At each stage of testing, samples are tracked, identified, and verified against participant statements.

The laboratory uses automated precision machines and instruments that perform over one million STR genotyping tests each year. This microsatellite analysis is performed using ABI Prism® genetic analyzers to process the large volume of samples every day. These instruments perform one of the most essential steps in DNA testing: the generation of data by capillary electrophoresis: ABI 3730 and 3130.


The DDC laboratory uses Biomek® FXp and Biomek® 4000 systems to purify and prepare samples before DNA testing. The laboratory's investments in this technology, which uses the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process, has revolutionized DNA testing.This allows further refinement and customization of methods to provide seamless and faster sample processing, using the ProFlex™ 96-Well PCR System.

Reviews on DDC DNA Center

It is now easy to get feedback from customers who have placed an order directly with DDC customer service - DNA Diagnostic Center. Since the laboratory also offers its services through dozens of merchant companies, the vast majority of feedback is positive regarding the reliability and speed of the analyzes. But of course other factors are taken into account when making this type of online purchase such as:

- The follow-up of the procedure

- Contact with customer service

- Transparency of personal information
- The flexibility of the company in relation to its customers

DDC - International Offices
Test ADN
Test de Paternité
Écouvillon buccal
1 père présumé & 1 participant
4 jours
Test de Paternité Prénatal
Échantillon sanguin & Salivaire
Mère & Père
8 à 10 jours ouvrés
Test de Maternité
Écouvillon buccal
1 mère présumée & 1 participant
15 jours ouvrés
Test Frères et Soeurs
Écouvillon buccal
2 Frères et/ou Soeurs
7 jours ouvrés
Test de Grands-Parents
Écouvillon buccal
2 grands-parents & 1 participant
9 à 11 jours ouvrés
Test d'Oncle & Tante
Écouvillon buccal
1 Oncle ou 1 Tante & 1 participant
5 à 7 jours ouvrés
Test de Gémellité
Écouvillon buccal
2 Jumeaux
5 à 7 jours ouvrés
Test de Chromosome Y
Écouvillon buccal
2 Hommes
5 à 7 jours ouvrés
Test de l'ADN Mitochondrial
Écouvillon buccal
2 participants
3 semaines
Reconstruction d'ADN
Écouvillon buccal
1 participant & des membres de la famille
3 semaines

Additional Services at DDC

The laboratory offers a large catalog of tests on its site. So from the United Kingdom you have the possibility of having special services related to sample collection.


You can order a legal paternity test with results admissible to the court which require all test participants to have their DNA samples collected by an approved facility (hospitals, health services, doctors' offices, etc.). One of the advantages of DDC over other companies is that they have a network of DNA collection facilities in England. So it can be easier to find a convenient location near you! But again, you have to contact them to get this service.

Other laboratory services:

Regarding immigration: 

DDC is on the Department of Justice's (MOJ) recommended lab list and may offer DNA testing accredited by the English Ministry of Justice for an administrative immigration request. The UK Border Agency, Passport Office and Embassies recognize immigration DNA tests carried out by laboratories certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

- DNA test for UK passport applicants

- DNA test for Visa applicants

Reproductive health tests:

- Fertility test for men at home

- Vasectomy test for men at home

DNA tests to improve your lifestyle:

- GPC Origins Ancestry Test

- Test to know your Ancestors 

- Weight & Health DNA Test

- Food and pet sensitivity test

- Genetic test to care for your skin

DNA test for animals:

- Screening for hereditary diseases for canine

- Screening for inherited traits for canine

- Verification of parentage canine

- DNA profiling canine

- DNA test for polycystic kidney disease (PKD) for feline

- DNA test to know the sex of a bird

- Verification of lineage for horse

- DNA profiling for horse

Obviously, the laboratory is present in many countries to give you access to precision analyzes as close as possible to you. 


DDC offers services: 

- Belgium

- France

- Swiss

- Canada

- Argentina

- UK

- Chile

- China


- Costa Rica

- Australia ...

Classification of laboratories

The choice of laboratory is a very important step when you want to do a DNA test. You should know that the laboratories do not all offer the same services and depending on your situation it is wiser to make the choice that suits you.

Thus we propose a list of laboratories which correspond to the reliability criteria in terms of genetic analysis for the search for a parentage link.

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