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DNAForce  is a canadian company  based in Montreal which offers STR DNA tests via a partner laboratory accredited in ISO 17025 .  Their analytical laboratory has more than 20 years of experience in the genetic field and performs more than 10,000 tests per year all over the world, whether privately or legally admissible.

How to do a DNA test with DNAForce ?

Clinic appointment in Canada

1. Contact ForceADN for an appointment at the nearest clinic.

2. Go to the clinic for saliva samples with a health professional

3. The clinic returns the samples to the laboratory for DNA analysis.

4. Receive your results within ten days by email or post.


Order a kit

in line

1. Order your DNA kit directly online.

2. Receive your collection material at home.

3. Follow the collection instructions and return your samples to the laboratory.

4. Receive your results within ten days by email or post.

Send your own collection kit

1. Download the direct debit instructions and forms.

2. Follow the directions for taking home samples with  cotton swabs.

3. Return your samples to the laboratory by registered mail.

4. Receive your results within ten days by email or post.


Your DNA results are protected!


Your test results are not sent by email, but are available online. DNAForce saves your analysis report in your space  member  of the website . After your order you will receive a reference code that will allow you to log in to record information about your test and thus be able to download your results .

It is an additional security that helps protect your personal data. Since the laboratory does not send your analysis report by email, because this could represent a risk on the interception by a third party or whereas a person can have access to your information from a computer or a mobile device connecting to your email inbox.

Laboratory Classification

Choosing the right laboratory is a crucial step when considering a DNA test. It's important to understand that not all laboratories provide the same services, and depending on your specific situation, making a choice that aligns with your needs is advisable.

In-clinic sampling with DNAForce

The ForceDNA laboratory offers a clinical sampling service in Canada. With more than 150 service points across the country, the  The reputation of the laboratory allows it to be in partnership for a sampling service with one of the clinics closest to you.

Ordering a clinic appointment can be done directly online by choosing the nearest point of service. The laboratory offers an interactive map that allows you to find the address of the clinic which is located not far from your home.


After registering your order, you will receive confirmation of the appointment within 48 hours. 

Why take samples in the clinic?


Use of saliva sample:  

In-clinic sampling helps ensure that samples will be viable for DNA testing. During your appointment, participants must provide an oral sample taken by the  health professional. No non-standard samples such as hair or nails can be accepted during your clinic appointment.

Avoid tampering:  

In addition, the identity of the participants will be verified. If you have any doubts about the integrity of a participant, then the services of a professional DNA collection provider is an option that will allow you to ensure that none of the test participants can handle their samples. This is a significant service if the participants are physically far away to take the test.

Take a Legal test:

If you want to use the results of your test in legal or administrative proceedings, it is mandatory that the samples be taken by a doctor or a clinic. This authenticates the chain of custody of your samples and verifies the identity of participants.


DNA Tests on Ancestral Origins

Ethnic and ancient ancestries


The test on the origins offered by DNAForce provides information on the geographical origin and provenance of your  ancestors . Thus a percentage of your genetic profile will be associated with each reference group already recorded in the laboratory's databases.  

Ethnic ancestry:  

Genetic analysis tells you how much of your DNA comes from the world's major populations. The result reflects where your  ancestors lived about 500 years ago.

Ancient ancestries:  

This part of the test allows you to know your belonging to the ancient European tribes present between 5,000 and 15,000 years ago. So you go back in time through the history of our civilization and the great migratory flows of the first populations.

The result is available within 4-6 weeks and also includes a map of the world which illustrates the population strands and the great migrations of our civilization.  

The test is available within 4-6 weeks with exclusively saliva samples.

The origins  Native American


DNAForce offers you a DNA test to confirm or not your membership of Amerindian ancestry, also called test on the first nations or natives.

The test  DNA can be done for your curiosity in order to confirm a family history, or else in a legal way for the recognition of your belonging to this population group.

Native American DNA origins
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