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MyADNLab is a Spanish laboratory specialized in genetic analysis for more than 10 years.  It is composed of  interdisciplinary professionals such as biologists, biochemists and biotechnicians but also forensic experts who belong to international public and judicial bodies.  

The laboratory is therefore the specialist in the strict security standards concerning personal information within the legal framework of the law on the protection of genetic data. This guarantee offers total confidentiality of the DNA tests that are offered, in addition to the security of your samples and the reliability of your results.

The analysis techniques and results are accredited according to ISO17025 quality rules and certified by ENAC .  

The strong point of the company is that it has all of its laboratories and uses its own equipment and facilities in Spain , through a large network of accredited sampling centers. Thus no subcontracting is confirmed for all forensic tests with external laboratories.


MyADNLab belongs to the biotechnical company Neodiagnostica which is one of the leaders in the fields of:

- DNA genetic analysis

- Analysis of drugs (narcotics) and medications

MyDNALab Reviews

MyADNLab is a laboratory that offers a genetic analysis service by controlling the entire procedure  from your samples to your results. Unfortunately it is still impossible to read feedback from French-speaking customers who have received the company's services . The company remains transparent on all of its procedures  analysis and its investment in its clients.

The points highlighted by MyADNLab are :  


"As an integral part of Neodiagnostica biotechnology company specializing in human genetics and toxicology. Allows the company to be a member and provider of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG) and the National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA, certified for laboratories of the Guardia Civil, the Spanish Institutes of Toxicology and the Mossos de Escuadra body.

Thus Neodiagnostica is a test laboratory approved by the National Certification Body (ENAC). Thanks to the certification, the results are guaranteed by the international standard ISO-IEC 17025. This standard aims to guarantee that the analysis laboratory is technically competent and that it has the capacity to produce precise and reliable results.

Firstly, this ENAC approval allows forensic genetic tests to be carried out with full technical guarantee. Secondly, it guarantees the reliability of the results of analyzes and DNA tests.

This accreditation also allows reports written by accredited organizations to be easily accepted in national and international procedures, which helps to eliminate technical barriers. This point is particularly interesting if the profiles are to be entered into official databases.

The scope of the laboratory accreditation and its technical appendix can be consulted on the website of the ENAC accreditation body.

The CNUFADN certification authorizes Neodiagnostica SL to contribute DNA profiles to the databases of the Spanish Ministry of Justice and in other legal proceedings.

National Commission for the Forensic Use of DNA (CNUFADN)

Neodiagnostica has the approval of the National Commission for the use of DNA. This organization of the Spanish Ministry of Justice guarantees, through its annual certification, the application of ENAC, ISO-IEC 17025 certification, as well as the success of increasingly strict national and international external quality controls. in the field of forensic genetics. Annual monitoring is carried out through annual exercises by SFG-GHEP and GEDNAP.

Our techniques and results are approved and validated by the courts because we guarantee the chain of custody of the samples."


The laboratory offers online services with secure payments and  PayPal (which always represents proof of quality with regard to purchases on the internet)  but also and above all a physical address of the laboratory in Spain . Not to mention all the employees to whom you can take the samples and therefore go physically. MyADNLab's laboratory network covers the entire Spanish territory with around a hundred approved centers ready to welcome you and help you with the procedures.

Classification of laboratories

The choice of the laboratory is a very important step when you want to do a DNA test. You should know that laboratories do not all offer the same services and depending on your situation it is better to make the choice that suits you.

We therefore propose a laboratory list which corresponds to the reliability criteria in terms of genetic analysis for the search for a parentage link.

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