MyHeritage is a discovery platform that allows you to explore your family history. This next-generation laboratory, which has one of the world's largest databases, has continued to help millions of people find new family members and discover their ethnic origins for over 18 years. With billions of historical documents and family tree profiles; MyHeritage offers its users a rich discovery experience.

This laboratory offers you several very powerful services  in order to help you in your genealogy research.

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DNA test - MyHeritage

Family trees

MyHeritage offers an online service to help you create your family tree. The strength of this program is the possibility of relating your research of classical genealogies (documents, archives ...) with the genetic genealogy of DNA tests.

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MyHeritage offers its services under several subscriptions to have access to advanced research tools. Thus the service adapts to your needs and your  situation.

- Family tree and advanced functions

- Access to all historical documents

- The ultimate package that includes all that the laboratory offers

The Founder Population Project

The Founding Populations project makes it possible to trace through  thousands of participants the DNA sequences of our  ancestors who lived in specific regions of the world for generations, so their DNA is very characteristic of the region.


Participants choose according to their family trees, having a consistent heritage from the same region or the same ethnicity over many generations. By setting up this project, MyHeritage has established profiles for each region that reflect the genetic heritage of humanity derived from unique DNAs.

MyHeritage provides a powerful DNA test that allows you to learn more about your origins and explore new connections .

This autosomal DNA test is an ethnic estimate that highlights a percentage distribution of your origins  and your ancestral past. The test is based on the origins of populations among 42 ethnicities, as well as a list of over 2,100 geographic regions from which your paternal and maternal ancestors came, with a percentage of your DNA coming from each region.

MyHeritage offers an estimate of your geographic origins as a percentage using a world map and a presentation video.

Ethnic origins


DNA matching allows you to find relatives you did not know through your DNA. Myheritage compares your DNA data with the DNA data of other people and identifies shared genetic sequences to indicate a possible family relationship. The higher the percentage of DNA that you have in common with another person, the greater the likely relationship.

Thus the laboratory allows you  to access  to the list of your matches. Matches are people who have done a DNA test at Myheritage and with whom you share identical DNA segments.  Matches are ordered by degree of genetic proximity, with people more or less close in your family tree. You will have access to the details of your matches (name, age, country), plus an estimate of the degree of kinship that connects you and its different possibilities.

My Heritage gives you the amount of DNA shared with your match as a percentage and as a number of centimorgans (cM). To understand what this means and to be able to use your results well, please read our corresponding article.


The MyHeritage online platform also integrates a messaging system to put you in direct contact with all your matches.

DNA matches

Thanks to the billion database  from individuals around the world, you receive matches with other family trees that may add new details to your tree and your research. This correspondence can also be done between historical documents and people in your family tree.

The  platform  online will offer you matches according to:

- Family names

- Geographical origins and ancestral places

- DNA segments (chromosome comparator)


Which appear both in your family tree but also through the matches you have received as a result of a DNA test.

Matching information therefore allows you to both connect shared information and people who share your DNA. A relationship can thus be discovered between the information  crossed of its two relational values.

In addition, MyHeritage offers a very powerful search engine which will give you access to all the international historical documents, family trees that make up their database.

Information matches

One of the points  strengths of this laboratory is the service of importing data from other providers. Indeed, MyHeritage is today the only one that lets you import all your genetic research from any other laboratory free of charge, in order to better organize yourself and centralize all your information.

Importing DNA data