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EDC - Express DNA Center is a subsidiary of the DDC genetic laboratory under the name of  which offers a wide variety of DNA tests from the largest international laboratories. In order to provide you with a quality analysis, the company carefully selects its commercial partnerships and can thus provide you with the best of paternity testing from multiple locations.

EDC works a lot on the quality of the information provided to its customers in order to help you choose the DNA test you need. It offers the largest number of explanatory articles concerning genetic analysis online and also an immediate contact service for any emergency or question.

Additional Services from EDC

In order to ensure the seriousness of the company, it is always recommended to contact the laboratory or to inquire about feedback from previous customers. EDC - ranks very well in the feedback from its customers with almost a thousand rating service reviews for consumer.

DNA Testing Prices at EDC

The site EDC-  offers you a large catalog of DNA relationship tests that you can perform with members of your family, including the paternity test , because it remains one of the most popular of all DNA tests. But you will also find tests to find out your origins as well as genetic analyses for our pets. 

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Reviews on EDC -

The company is located in the United Kingdom with both the address and contact information available on the site. Correspondence can be done by phone, email or by an online request form in order to be contacted again.

The points highlighted by EDC - in its presentation are:  

The quality: we work with DDC, the world leader in paternity testing. This collaboration allows us to offer you a large number of guarantees to ensure that you carry out your paternity test within the best conditions :


the AABB: since 1996, DDC has been accredited by the prestigious AABB (American Association of Blood Banks).

Subsequently, this allows us to deliver the legal paternity test and provide usable results in front of

the courts of many countries if necessary


ISO 17025 standard: This standard is issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It

notably guarantees a high quality standard, recognizing the technical skills of the



The international network: DDC has antennas everywhere on the planet. With its 2500 laboratories for

in North America alone, it is the first network of certified laboratories in the United States. In England,

it is the only laboratory recognized by the Ministry of Justice. Moreover, DDC is represented in 168

countries around the globe.

The experience: in addition to recognition by accreditations, the company carries out several thousand

paternity tests every year. This adds to the 20 years of experience in the field of DNA testing,

which our scientists carry.

Information: our presence in more than 150 countries has shown us that each case is different. This is the 

reason why provides you with complete and detailed information via its information sections, as we believe that your purchase must be made with full knowledge of the facts. 


The order can be made directly on the website by card or by PayPal. Which is an additional security when buying online, because PayPal constantly checks the compliance of an online merchant company and offers a withdrawal service to its customers.

EDC - also offers animal testing. So-called veterinary DNA tests which make it possible to establish a link of relation for paternity and maternity or to guarantee a pedigree.

- Veterinary DNA test for Cats

- Veterinary DNA test for Dogs

- Veterinary DNA test for Horses 

- Veterinary DNA test for Birds 

In addition, the site offers a very large number of articles and explanations concerning DNA tests and possible situations.  

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