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EasyDNA is a company specialized in the sale of DNA tests in the world for 15 years now. Their experiences make it a competent leading brand whose main objective is to ensure a high level of satisfaction for its customers.  


EasyDNA offers its services on a global scale, with an administrative presence in more than 25 countries and on all continents . As a result, they master logistics in order to  offer testing from anywhere and also when participants are geographically distant.  


EasyDNA offers relationship tests but not only, you can also find DNA tests for your pets, health tests and tests to know your ancestral origins.

DNA Tests Prices at EasyDNA

The EasyDNA laboratory will allow you to do DNA tests of relationships with members of your family in order to highlight the link of biological filiation. But not that EasyDNA specializes and diversifies with a significant number of tests for your health, clinical tests, drugs or ancestry.

EasyDNA supports customers through the entire process, from ordering your test, from home sampling to results . If you have any questions, whether during or several months after your results, you always have the option of reaching out to customer service who answers all your questions promptly and professionally.

Before placing an order, do not hesitate to contact this laboratory, via e-mail, phone, online chat or make a request to be contacted. EasyDNA's strong point is the simplicity of procedures and efficient customer service.

EasyDNA is undoubtedly a reliable and secure laboratory that we recommend , its monitoring and transparency are significant strengths. Getting a DNA test is an important decision in a person's life, so it can have a big impact on family life, so it is important to choose a specialized laboratory like EasyDNA that you can trust .

In order to ensure the seriousness of the company, it is always recommended to contact the laboratory or to inquire about the feedback from previous customers. Please find here the sites that reference customer reviews according to the service of the listed companies.

In order to ensure the seriousness of the company, it is always recommended to contact the laboratory or to inquire about the feedback from previous customers. EasyDNA satisfies all of its customers with hundreds  comments on rating services for  consumer. 

EasyDNA Reviews


Over the years, EasyDNA has extended its services increasing the number of tests offered and working in collaboration with the most experienced laboratories all over the world.  Thus the company offers a service of quality and reliability on all the tests it offers with a  constant monitoring of the analyzes offered.  

All tests meet ISO 17025 standards which is an international accreditation for  general requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.

Legal testing meets the AABB Quality Standard (SCoPE) which is an initiative designed to ensure that products intended for the blood community meet the expectations of suppliers and providers.  consumers.

In addition, EasyDNA offers all the tests with a minimum of 21 genetic markers which is far superior to the use of 13 genetic markers for the determination of a DNA profile during criminal investigations or  administrative.


Always with the objective:  

- Customer satisfaction

- Stay at the forefront of technology

- Offer a wide range of DNA testing

EasyDNA Worldwide Offices

Services  additional EasyDNA

More than ever, EasyDNA is diversifying and improving access to DNA tests for as many people as possible. The company listens to its customers and adds  constantly new tests according to demand. That is why you can find all the cutting edge analyzes and a very large catalog to choose from.

Ancestry and Origins Test :

- GPS origins

- Test of ancestral origins


Clinical test :  

- Celiac disease test

- Genetic predisposition test

- Drug Hair Test

- Genetic profiling service


Health Test :  

- Vegetarian food intolerance test

- Intolerance test

- Skin Care Test

- Ideal Diet & Weight Test  

Animal test:  

For Dogs  :

- Degenerative myelopathy (DM) test

- Exercise-induced collapse test

- Von Willebrand disease test

- Drug resistance test (MDR1)

-  Uric acid hyperuricosuria (HUU)

- Retinal atrophy & degeneration  oricular

- Hereditary disease test

- Canine allergies

- Breed Test

- Identification test +350 races

- Genetic disease test

- Genetic age test

For Cats : 

- Intolerance test

- Genetic disease test

For Horses :

- Intolerance test

The company EasyDNA is present on all continents with offices and collaborators  in more than 25 countries around the world. This presents facilitates genetic testing with participants who may be physically separated or living in distant countries. This international logistics also allows access to genetic tests which may not exist in your country and which EasyDNA can provide service through its network of offices and collaboration.

Classification of laboratories

The choice of the laboratory is a very important step when you want to do a DNA test. You should know that laboratories do not all offer the same services and depending on your situation it is better to make the choice that suits you.

We therefore propose a laboratory list which corresponds to the reliability criteria in terms of genetic analysis for the search for a parentage link.

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