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genetic laboratory

Genetic laboratories are research and analysis centers that focus on the study of DNA and genes.


They use advanced analytical techniques to decode the genetic code of individuals, plants and animals.


Genetic labs offer a variety of tests, ranging from paternity and genealogy tests to health tests, genetic predisposition to diseases, as well as screening and diagnostic tests for hereditary diseases.


Genetic labs can help identify health risks and inherited diseases, as well as provide information on origins, relatedness and biodiversity.




The easyDNA laboratory is a DNA testing service that provides paternity, maternity, sibling, relationship testing and other genetic testing for people seeking to establish their relationship to another individual or to obtain information about their genetic heritage.


The easyDNA laboratory offers reliable, fast and affordable DNA testing, and uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the accuracy of its results.


It also has a team of qualified professionals to provide personalized support and advice to customers throughout the DNA testing process.



The MyADNLab laboratory is a genetic analysis service that offers a wide range of genetic tests, including drug tests. The laboratory is located in Spain, and it uses the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide accurate and reliable results to its customers. In addition to this, the MyADNLab laboratory guarantees the confidentiality of its customers' personal data throughout the DNA test process.

Customers can also access their online account to view their DNA test results and track the status of their order.


The laboratory thus offers competitive rates to enable a greater number of people to access information on their genetic heritage.



The MyHeritage Lab is a genealogy DNA testing service that offers ancestry testing to build your family tree. 

The lab has a massive genetic database, with over 4 billion genealogical profiles.


This allows customers to get accurate and detailed DNA test results on their ancestry and kinship. Additionally, the MyHeritage Lab offers a host of online genealogy services to help clients discover their family history and connect with family members.


Customers can access their online account to view their DNA test results but more importantly to continue research and add content to their profiles.

force DNA


ForceADN is a Canadian company that offers a range of services related to DNA analysis. These services include, in particular, complete DNA sequencing which makes it possible to identify all the genetic variations present in the DNA of an individual. Genetic analyzes which make it possible to determine the genetic predispositions of an individual to certain diseases.


The genetic identification of individuals and the ForceDNA storage for clients to keep their DNA for future research or genetic analysis. Present in all territories, you will have no trouble finding a collection point for sending samples to the laboratory.

In summary, ForceADN offers a wide range of DNA-related services, ranging from paternity testing by mouth swabs to genealogical research of your ancestors. These services can be useful in a number of settings, from scientific research to law enforcement to personalized medicine.

dna solutions

DNA Solutions

DNA Solutions is a company specializing in DNA testing services. Founded in 1997, it offers a full range of DNA tests for a variety of applications including personalized medicine, scientific research, forensic investigations and paternity testing.

DNA Solutions services include:

  1. Paternity Testing: DNA Solutions offers reliable and accurate paternity testing for clients seeking to establish family ties.

  2. Genetic health testing: The company also offers genetic health testing to help individuals understand their risk of developing certain genetic diseases.

  3. Health Predisposition Tests: DNA Solutions offers tests to determine an individual's genetic predisposition to certain diseases or health conditions.

  4. Genealogy Tests: DNA Solutions' genealogy tests allow individuals to discover their genetic heritage and trace their family tree.

In addition to these services, DNA Solutions also offers testing for businesses and government organizations, including drug and alcohol testing, crime testing, identification testing and authenticity verification. some products.

international bioscience

International Biosciences


The IBDNA International Bioscience Laboratory is a genetic company specializing in the field of DNA testing. Since its foundation, the laboratory has focused on developing an international market for the sale of genetic tests to the general public.

The company has a team of highly qualified scientists working in state-of-the-art laboratories. The company also has partnerships with other research and development institutions, which allows it to collaborate with experts from all over the world.

In short, Laboratoire International Bioscience is an international company, which focuses on genetic relationship analysis, the development of biological products and genomics research.




AlphaBioLab is a company specializing in genetic testing for health, research, genealogy and forensics. It offers paternity, genetic health, health predisposition and genealogy testing.


The company also offers tests for businesses and government organizations, such as drug and alcohol testing, crime testing, and identification testing.

AlphaBioLab has a state-of-the-art laboratory equipped with technologies

advances and a highly qualified team of scientists and technicians.



Ancestry is a company specializing in genealogy and genealogical research. Founded in 1983, the company offers an online platform to help people discover their family history and trace their family tree.

Ancestry services include:

  1. Genealogy Database: Ancestry has a genealogy database containing millions of archival records and documents, such as birth certificates, marriage records, and census records.

  2. DNA testing: The company also offers DNA testing to help people discover their genetic heritage and trace their family history.

  3. Research Tools: Ancestry offers a variety of research tools to help users find information about their ancestors, including maps, journals, and name directories.

  4. Subscriptions: Ancestry offers subscriptions to access its databases and research tools.

In addition to these services, Ancestry also offers personalized services to help people discover their family history.

24 Genetics


The 24 genetics laboratory is a genetic analysis service that offers a variety of DNA tests for individuals and businesses. The lab uses high quality technology to provide accurate and reliable results to its customers, ranging from health, nutrition, ancestry and wellness tests. 

In addition to this, the 24 genetics laboratory is distinguished by its personalized approach to help customers better understand their DNA and provide them with appropriate advice based on their results. The laboratory thus offers personalized programs to help clients achieve their health and well-being goals based on their unique genetic profile.

Finally, the 24 genetics laboratory is committed to research and development to continually improve its genetic tests and provide new insights into health, well-being and ancestry. The laboratory works in collaboration with universities and research centers to advance the science of genetics and offer innovative services to its customers.


DDC DNA Center


The DDC laboratory (DNA Diagnostics Center) is a DNA test service that offers parentage, ancestry and health tests, as well as veterinary tests for dogs, cats and horses.

Analyzes are available for individuals, lawyers, healthcare professionals and businesses. The DDC laboratory is the largest laboratory in the world and produces thousands of genetic analyzes every month.


The DDC laboratory is renowned for its quality of service and its commitment to the confidentiality and security of its customers' personal data. The laboratory has a rigorous quality control system to guarantee the accuracy of its DNA test results by double authentication of the analyses. 

The laboratory is also known for its ability to solve complex paternity and ancestry cases, thanks to the expertise of its team of scientists.

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