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Remote DNA Test

Since the ordering of the DNA test is done on the Internet, you simply have to follow the instructions in order to take the samples and send your samples back to the laboratory. It may offer you to pay by credit card, PayPal, or wire transfer. Some laboratories also accept payment by Western Union.


Please make sure to pay in the monetary currency most favorable to your situation. Do not hesitate to ask the laboratory for the conversion during payment.

Taking a DNA test online is possible from anywhere in the world!

remote DNA Test

How to do a remote DNA test?

It often happens that the participants of a DNA test are not in the same city or even in different and distant countries.

In that case,  you have the option of taking the samples separately before returning the samples to the laboratory. The DNA test will only start when all the samples have arrived at the laboratory.

In order to do a DNA test when the participants are away, you have the choice between:  

Receive a second kit from the laboratory

In this case, you may be charged for choosing an additional kit when purchasing your test. Remember to provide all the addresses at the start so as not to waste more time during the  transport.

If one of the participants is in a foreign country, you will have to choose to send a kit internationally. This option is often quite expensive and may not necessarily be necessary in some situations.

The second participant creates his own DNA kit

Especially if one of the participants is in a remote country, where postal services can be much slower. It is generally advisable to follow the instructions for making a DNA kit at home. So you will save time on the transport and therefore on the expected results.

In both these case, please note that the return of samples to the laboratory is always the responsibility of the customer.

All laboratories offer the possibility of sending you the sampling kit directly to your home.  Via an international carrier. This allows you to save time in your efforts and respond to an emergency need. If you choose this option, which represents a cost of 50 € to 60 € depending on the laboratories, you ensure the receipt within a period of less than a week of all the necessary documents as well as the appropriate sterile material requested by the laboratory.

We recommend this option if you need to do a quick test.

When you choose the option to receive the Kit by Express, the return shipment is generally not supported by the laboratory. You will find inside the kit a close-indexed envelope with the return address, but not stamped.

It is up to you to contact the international carrier to organize the shipment of your samples. It is very important that you have a tracking number for your package so that you can communicate it to the laboratory and thus ensure that you do not lose samples on the way.

This option is very strongly recommended if you want to do a DNA test from a country in Africa.

Receive a DNA kit in Express

DNA Kit in Express

It is quite possible to do a remote test. Participants can take a test while they are in different cities or in different countries.


You must follow the instructions for creating a kit at home and indicate the same customer number on each participant's kit.


Your samples will then be analyzed for comparison, your results sent by email.

We strongly recommend that you send your samples by international courier service. Most of the laboratories are located in Europe or North America. 


North, there is a high chance that your samples will take a long time to arrive or lose.  The use of a courier guarantees you a delivery against signature and a delay of only a few days.

Create your Home Kit

Home DNA Kit

The reliability of remote DNA Test


The choice of sample is important for doing a remote DNA test . In all cases, laboratories recommend the use of oral swabs, for the following reasons:  

  • Samples can easily be taken at home

  • The lifespan of a saliva sample is 3 months

However, depending on the situation, the use of a saliva sample may be difficult and the choice of another type of sample should be considered. But be careful, there are conditions to be respected so that the sample provides enough genetic information for your DNA test.

The choice of sample

Accreditation & reliability of DNA tests

The reliability of a test depends primarily on the accreditation of your laboratory. It is very important that the analysis methods comply with international standards in order to ensure a credible result. But you also have other factors to take into account to improve this reliability:  the type of sample, the choice of the test and your declaration are elements that can have an impact on your test.

In the situation where you do not have control over the collection of the samples and there is doubt about the follow-up of the instructions by the participants. You have the possibility of calling on a doctor so that he can vouch for the follow-up of the procedure.

Before ordering, you can therefore contact a doctor in the country in question in order to let him know about your process. The doctor can receive the kit directly from the laboratory and then call the participants to take the samples.  

In this sense, supports the doctor to verify the identity of the test participants, s' ensures follow the instructions of samples and documents necessary for the laboratory. In addition, the doctor can take care of the return of samples with the carrier.

This approach assures you:

  • one rigor in the direct debit instructions

  • verification of the identity of the participants

  • of course, reliability in results

Because, the doubt of a possibility of an exchange of samples or a maneuver  dishonest is ruled out.

Request a Doctor for the sample collection

Doctor for sample collection
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